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Our specialist classes are delivered by industry leading Teachers. Their combined experience is vast and includes State & Private sector Education (from Early Years to Further Education) as well as impressive Professional credits in TV, Film and on Stage.

Our bespoke syllabus has been carefully crafted to nurture and support your childs learning. We build their confidence, encouraging them throughout our lessons. We strive to provide equality and opportunities to all, whatever your aspirations may be, everyone is of equal importance to us and no one will find themselves lurking in the back or being overlooked come show time. We are a school for all.

We offer a wide breadth of learning opportunities with 7 different styles of dance, drama and singing held 7 days a week in 4 venues across Maidstone.

You can browse what we have at each location, or click the classes tab at the top of the page to see the sessions grouped by style.

Book your free trial today to discover what makes Flair such a fantastic place to learn.