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Hazlitt Shows Info

Each class will learn two show routines in Term 5 and 6 that they will perform.
One of these routines will appear in the first act, the other will appear in the second act.
All of the performers come back on to stage at the end of the second act for the finalé.
Show Dates
The show dates for 2022 are Saturday 25th June and Sunday 26th June with two shows taking place on each day.
The cast for each show will be completely different with every student being invited to one of the 4 shows taking place.
In all but a handful of cases cases, if your child takes more than one class, all of their classes will be in the same show. If you have more than one child in the school they will be in the same show as each other, but for 2 families (notified separately).
We are affectionately calling them Lilac, Yellow, Pink and Blue to differentiate them from each other.
You must register for your show (or shows if you are one of the handful whose classes fall across two shows) by completing the registration form linked at the bottom of your show page.
You can find which show you are in via our Show Checker page, you can then click straight through to the correct show as the information shown is linked to that page.
If you already know what show you’re in you can access the info directly by clicking your show link; Lilac, YellowPinkBlue
Licences & Insurance
We obtain a performance licence for every single child taking part in our shows, this is a legal requirement, the details provided in the registration form are used to obtain the licence so must be correct.
It is a condition that all performers must arrive via the Stage Door wearing their Flair Uniform.
All individuals taking part in the show will be insured specifically for this purpose which we arrange.
We also obtain music licences for every single track that is played in the show.
Chaperones Needed
We need Chaperones for each and every class of children, and in the case of larger classes, more than one.
All Chaperones backstage must be licensed, we have a section on the Show Registration Form for any parents who wish to be considered for the voluntary role of Chaperone.
It’s great to be backstage and share in the excitement of the day, and it is a vital role we cannot operate the shows without.
Chaperones will be able to watch their child’s routine from the wings or side of the auditorium.
Please be advised (based on past experience) that Chaperones are to be responsible for all children in their group, not just their own child. It will not be possible for a Chaperone to leave the venue part way through a show.
Show Fees

A one-off non-refundable Show Fee of £25 is charged per performer. This covers dress rehearsal fees, insurance and administration costs.

If a student takes more than one class there is a charge of £10 for their second class and each subsequent classes after that.

As with classes siblings receive a 10% discount on their show fees.

The show fee will be collected from your bank via the normal collection method a few days after your registration is processed by the office (unless you request a different collection date on the show registration form)

Please note these fees are NOT for tickets which must be purchased from the Hazlitt Box Office (more information below)

To help keep the show fee to a minimum students provide their own basics which tend to form the base of their costume, we then provide the rest.
To help keep costs a minimum for parents we keep those base items to standard uniform items which should be worn to your child’s weekly class anyway.
A list of expected items is below:
Street Classes: Flair T-Shirt, Black leggings (or joggers), Black Jazz Shoes, Jazz Sneakers or Black Plimsols
Musical Theatre (Stage School) Classes: Flair T-Shirt, Black leggings (or joggers), Black Jazz Shoes, Jazz Sneakers or Black Plimsolls
Acro Classes: Flair T-Shirt, Black leggings, optional Foot Thongs
Contemporary Classes: Flair T-Shirt, Black leggings (or joggers), Black Jazz Shoes, Foot Thongs or Ballet Slippers
Ballet, Tap, Modern Classes: Class Uniform (Tap Shoes and Ballet Shoes), Jazz shoes for those older classes who regularly wear them in their lessons for Modern (instead of ballet slippers which the younger ones wear for Modern).
nb: Street Classes have not been required to have Jazz Shoes since the pandemic began in an effort to help families however they will strongly encouraged as the footwear for classes after Easter and will be compulsory for classes after May Half Term. 
A reminder that today we have our second hand uniform sale at the studios – an ideal time to grab anything extra that you need.

Get some Stickins, spend a few mins sticker-ing your items up and they’ll find their way back to you, if you don’t it’s like roulette as children backstage are not the tidiest of people and can quickly turn their dressing rooms into scenes of chaos. We can help your items find your child again if we can easily see who everything belongs to!

Tickets for the show go on sale via the Hazlitt Theatre Box Office mid May (we have deferred the original date due to extending the deadline for registrations and will advise parents by email and text before they go on sale), they are priced at £16.50 with concessions £15.50 (Under 2’s free on laps).
Please note there are 4 shows taking place. Every year without fail someone purchases tickets for the wrong show which causes enormous upset – please carefully check which show you require before you make your purchase.
Dress Rehearsal Details

These take place at Warmlake Dance Studios, Unit 4-7a Warmlake Business Estate, Maidstone Road, Sutton Valence, ME17 3LQ.

Classes have been segmented into rehearsal groupings by teacher and where possible sibling pairs which mean that your dress rehearsal times may differ from others who are in your show who are in a different class.

We have compiled a full list of who is doing what at each time, please click the link above, find your class time & location and read the information of where you need to be and when.

Remember to carefully check your class time rather than comparing with others to avoid confusion or attending the wrong rehearsal.

We have staggered the arrival and departure times for the classes attending the rehearsals so that the car park has sufficient space to accommodate the cars. As one window closes the next one immediately opens, please help to facilitate the process by strictly observing your arrival/collection windows.

Please note this is a drop and go, please don’t park up and stay as we have limited car park space and a continual rolling programme of arrivals and departures at regular intervals throughout the day. Our plan will not work at all if there are cars already in the car park so thank you in advance for your help on this.

On the day arrive perfectly turned out in your Flair Class uniform – if you take more than one style and have more than one uniform wear one of your choosing and bring the other one with you.


We are having the professional portrait shots taken so make sure hair is neatly presented; a bun, plait, french plaits or a neat ponytail.

Professional Photographs
We are excited to be welcoming back Carmel Jane for the 7th time.
Carmel and her team are experts in children’s dance show photograph and capture beautiful shots on the night which we will send you a code to access and buy a few days after the show.
They will also attend the dress rehearsals and take individual portrait shots in each costume, they bring the printed images in cardboard frames to the show and sell them during the interval.
They are really reasonably priced and a great memento of the day which is why we have had them with us year upon year.
At present we do not have a company lined up to film for a DVD.
The four figure fees being charged to turn up and film by those we’ve used previously has been extortionate (4 figures) and they require a guaranteed number of discs to be sold (for which they set a very high price) which means we have to mop up the shortfall which is such an unknown but can be really pricy. Last time around one show sold only 4 disks and the minimum set by the company was 100.
We are not in a position post-pandemic to take the risk on a shortfall of disks as we are still very much recovering, we also take the shortfalls and low numbers sold in previous years as an indication that most people don’t want a DVD disk these days.
If anyone within our membership would like to offer up any contacts they know who can film for a digital distribution for us to consider we’ll take a look, however as it stands at this moment the show will not be filmed professionally.
Students who decide not to take part in the show still learn and work on the routines as part of their lesson, the process of getting show ready is a learning curve in itself so don’t worry about feeling left out of lesson content; the teachers will still give the same level of focus to everyone.
All students are working towards their Performance Medal this term and irrespective of a performance on the stage or not they must prepare 2 routines to performance level so it’s still a very inclusive term even for non-show-performers.