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Blue Show 2024

Flair Dance Spectacular 2024

The Blue Show takes place in the afternoon on Sunday, 16th June 2024, at the Hazlitt Theatre, Earl Street, Maidstone.

Only register for this show if you have been invited; we have four different shows, and each class is invited to a different one.

If you are unsure if this is the correct show for your child’s class, use the show checker to double-check before registering.


Everything that you need to know about your show is below. Click on a section to expand and read the information.

Please check this rather than emailing the office or asking your class teacher, as you will be directed here for the answer. Many thanks!

Show Day Timings
  • Blue Show Chaperone Call Time (come to the Stage Door on Rose Avenue at the side of the Hazlitt; you can bring your own child with you): 13:40
  • Blue Show Performer Call Time (drop at Stage Door on Rose Avenue at the side of Hazlitt): 14:00
  • Doors to Auditorium (for the audience to get into the Theatre): 15:00
  • Act 1: 15:30 – 16:20
  • Interval (framed professional photos taken at the dress rehearsal are available to purchase in the foyer/bar): 16:20 – 16:40
  • Act 2: 16:40 – 17:30
  • Students Leave (collect promptly from Stage Door on Rose Avenue at the side of Hazlitt): 17:40 – 18:00
Dress Rehearsal

The Blue Show Dress Rehearsal will be on Sunday, 9th June 2024, from 15:15 – 17:45 at Warmlake Dance Studios, Warmlake Business Estate, Maidstone Road, Sutton Valence, ME17 3LQ.

All Saturday classes go ahead as normal on the 8th.

Please note this is a drop-and-go; please don’t park up and stay as we have minimal car park space; if you can car share with another student, please do.

On the day, arrive perfectly turned out in the costume items specified in the Costume section below, with your hair done as it will be in the show. We are having professional portrait shots taken, so you must look as good as you will on show day!
Having the photos done adds to the enjoyment and magic of the whole process for the performers. The pictures are beautiful souvenirs you can purchase from the bar/foyer area at the show; if you aren’t at the dress rehearsal, there is still an opportunity to get one of the live photos we took on the day.

Overall, a dress rehearsal is an essential part of the preparation for any dance show. It allows the dancers to run through the entire show, iron out any technical difficulties, practice in their costumes and get used to the stage size. This can help ensure the performance goes smoothly and the dancers feel confident.

It does not make or break your ability to do the show if you can’t attend the Dress Rehearsal (unless you wish to be a Chaperone). You can still register if you can’t make it. However, we strongly urge that you try and be there.

This is the only opportunity for us to do your costume fit. We aren’t able to arrange an alternative time. If you’re not there, we’ll use the measurements in your registration form as the basis for our decisions.

Show Fee

A one-off non-refundable Show Fee of £32.50 is charged per performer. This covers dress rehearsal fees, insurance and administration costs.

For students in more than one class, there is an additional charge of £14.50 for each of their classes.

The show fees will be collected from your bank via the normal collection method after the office has processed your registration (you can request a specific collection date on the show registration form, should you prefer).

Please note these fees are NOT for tickets which must be purchased from the Hazlitt Box Office.


Four shows take place in total, so please ensure that the show you buy tickets for is the one you are registered for!

Tickets for Blue Show go on sale online and over the phone on Wednesday, 1st May 2024, at 10:30 am via the Hazlitt Theatre Box Office. Tickets are priced at £18.50 with concessions at £16.50 (under 2’s free on laps).

You can book online via the Hazlitt Website.

Alternatively, you can book your tickets via the Hazlitt Box Office on 01622 758611 or in person; the box office is open 10:30 am – 2:30 pm Monday – Saturday.
What to Bring

You will need to arrive at the show in your Flair Class Uniform and with the other items you are required to provide (see the Costumes Section below).

If you do more than one class, wear one uniform and have the other neatly folded in your bag.

Make sure your child’s clothes are clean and pressed, and if you have been asked to provide items for the costume, ensure you have them.

Your child will likely be hungry and thirsty after dancing, so bring snacks and drinks. This will help them to stay energised and hydrated.

Dressing rooms can be quite chaotic places, and things get lost easily.

The show is fast-paced, and there is little time to sit around, so they won’t need much to occupy them.

No electronic items; children are not permitted to have mobile phones backstage due to child protection and safeguarding measures.

Name absolutely everything.


To help keep the show fee to a minimum, students provide a few of their items:

  • Street Dance: Flair t-shirt, black leggings (or joggers), white socks, black jazz shoes or plimsolls.
  • Contemporary: Flair t-shirt, black leggings (or joggers), foot thongs.
  • Ballet & Tap: Class Uniform with Tap Shoes and Ballet Slippers.
  • Modern: Class Uniform with black jazz shoes or plimsolls.

Costume items we provide are not kept by performers after the show, they remain the property of Flair, and we reuse them in the future for other shows, further limiting the costs of participation.

Please consider the visibility of underwear by selecting items which tone with your skin & are discrete (black bras often show through costumes of older dancers). Little ones wearing leotards need knickers as chaperones may change them into another costume during rehearsals/the show)


How your hair is styled for a dance show can greatly impact your overall appearance and performance. Here are some tips on how to style your hair for the show:

  • Consider your style of dance. The style of your hair should complement the style of the dance. For example, you might want to style your hair in a classic bun if you are doing Ballet. You might want to style your hair more casually if you are in Street Dance. A firm favourite over the years for our dancers has always been to have two French plaits (one on either side of the head). These are secure, keep whispy bits out of the way, and look impactful. However, if you can’t manage one, or have hair that’s too short, choose a style that keeps hair back off the face and looking neat.
  • Use products that will help your hair stay in place. You will be moving around a lot during the performance. There are a variety of hair products that can help your hair stay in place while dancing. These products can help prevent your hair from getting frizzy or coming undone.
  • Practice your hairstyle before the performance. This will help you to make sure that you are comfortable with the style and that it will stay in place during the performance.

No matter what style of hair you choose, make sure that you feel comfortable and confident with it. This will help you to give your best possible performance.