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Preschool Classes at Flair Performing Arts

Preschool Classes at Flair Performing Arts

We have two levels of preschool classes;

Dancing Together (from around 2 years though you can try from younger), & Preschool Pros (from around 3 years).

​Dancing Together sessions are for you and your little one do together. When they’re very young they need lots of support and guidance so you learn side by side.

Around the age of 3 children take the Preschool Pros level where they come in to lessons by themselves.

Our lessons are creative and fun, we use lots of props & a variety of different music to engage youngsters and maximise their enjoy, lessons are often themed to add that extra little something and they’re absolutely great fun!

The main difference between the two classes is parental/guardian presence in the dance class and students younger than 3 are rarely ready for the Preschool Pros class as so many developmental milestones; including development of social & communication skills, must be reached in order to get the best out of their classes.

The Preschool Pros is essentially a class for the slightly older preschooler who is confident enough to come in and dance in their lesson without their parent. During the trial it’s quite normal to have mum sitting in, but in future lessons they come in by themselves.

It’s an individual choice about where to take the class though; we’ve known children in that Dancing Together session stay until they start school simply because the parent and child have enjoyed doing the class together. Others have moved before their 3rd birthday into the Pros because they just messed around with their Mums in the room and will far more focused when they were by themselves! We’re happy to support whatever it is that works best for you, come along and give it a go and then you can see what you think will be the best setting for you and go from there.