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Term Dates


Term 1

Monday 6th September – Sunday 24th October

Term 2

Monday 1st November – Sunday 19th December

Term 3

Monday 3rd January – Sunday 13th February

Term 4

Monday 21st February – Sunday 3rd April

Term 5

Monday 18th April – Sunday 29th May

Term 6

Monday 6th June – Sunday 24th July


  • Medal Assessments: ​Christmas, Easter & Summer. Medals & Certificates are awarded at the end of term at the Watching Week class.

  • Watching Weeks: Under normal circumstances families are invited to come into the last 10-15 mins of the final class of the full term (Christmas, Easter & Summer) and see what we’ve been learning. Medal presentations are made at end of the class. Parents & friends who attend are welcome to film ‘watching week’ sessions unless directed otherwise by the class teacher.



We (usually) have three discos a year for Halloween, Valentines and End of Year.

Throughout the school year we run Workshop Weeks and Dance Camps in the Half Terms, Easter and Summer Holidays.