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Flair Performing Arts Awards

Flair Performing Arts Awards are our own bespoke award system, which runs alongside the IDTA syllabi to provide ongoing monitoring of students learning in class and enables a termly presentation of awards & certificates to students.

The year is divided up into three semesters featuring 2 terms in each. The first semester (terms 1 & 2) runs from September to the Christmas Break and is our Foundation term with existing students moving up to their next award level and great deal of new starters coming in. If successful in satisfying the criterion required to attain the Foundation Medal this will be awarded to students during watching week just before the Christmas break.

Students who do not satisfy the criteria for the medal are awarded an end of term certificate acknowledging what they did achieve in the term. It is typically very new starters who join near to the end of term who are awarded such a certificate as teachers pay close attention to the students individual progress in order to ensure they all achieve their medals.

Semester 2 (terms 3 & 4) which runs from New Year to Easter is our Development term where the students go into greater depth in the skills they have learnt in Semester 1. For those joining during this semester the work learned will be drawn from the Foundation & Development code of points and if successful in achieving the necessary criteria they will receive their Development Medal.

Semester 3 (terms 5 & 6) which takes us to the end of the school year is our Performance Term. For those who choose to be a part of it we are working towards the Hazlitt Shows. Irrespective of participation, our schemes of work focus on performance skills and execution and everyone learns the show routines and participates fully in lessons so all, including new starters, have the opportunity to gain their Performance Medal.

Below is an example, for comparative purposes, of the awards flow for our ballet, tap & modern classes.