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How much are your classes?

Trial classes are entirely free.


Our class fees are paid monthly across 11 months of an academic year (no August fee collection). They are priced at £38.50/month for an hour-long class. 

A 10% discount is applied to the fee total for multiple classes/siblings.


Private lessons are priced at £33 per hour.


NB: Discounts are made against Group Classes and not Private Lessons

How do I book a trial?

Your trial class is booked online via this website. You can browse the timetable by location or view all of the classes by style.

How do I sign up to a class after the trial?

If you registered through our website and booked your trial in the ‘normal’ way we’ll send you an email after your trial has taken place with a simple button to click and a link to set up your fee payments.

If you were somehow in the session by some other means we’ll drop you an email with details in it.

Do you have a uniform?

Yep, it’s nice and simple and it’s got its own page. You can find out all about it here.

Are you running any holiday schemes?

We are! You can see what’s coming up and book your place on our Holiday Camps page.

When is this years show?

Our shows are held across a series of shows at the Hazlitt Theatre in June each year, and each class is invited to perform in one of those shows.

Every class performs two numbers in each show’s meaning (one in the 1st act and one in the 2nd act), so each show has a different cast of performers.

You can see the dates of the shows on the term dates page.

Full details of the shows are sent out in the spring of each year, but you can view a little more detail on our Hazlitt Show page.

How long do I have to sign up for when I join?

When you join your membership with us begins and runs monthly until such time as you choose to leave.

There is no set contract length offering parents flexible commitment terms, however after the initial 14 day cooling off period, any cancellations are subject to a 1 month notice period.

How do I give notice?

Notice is served in writing, please contact us if you wish to do so.

It’s helpful to know what’s prompted your decision to leave so any information you can give is gratefully received.

Explain the notice period to me?

1 months calendar notice is required to cancel our classes.

This is taken from the 1st of the next fee paying month. For notice received on or after 1st Feb, that would make 1st March your last payment etc. As there are no fee collections in August, 1st July would make 1st September the final payment.

Agh, I don't want to give a months notice!

Immediate severance gives us no notice to advertise your place and replace the revenue we will lose when you leave. It’s tricky being a small business and we want to stay around and keep doing our thing for many years to come so the months notice helps protect our school and ensure we keep running.

Most people pay these without any fuss – they’re in our t’s and c’s that you accept when signing up it’s very common that classes have these terms so you’ve likely encountered it elsewhere.

Sadly yes, there are always the odd few here and there who try and dodge it; but please don’t be one of those people!

If  you’ve cancel your direct debit prematurely we’ll send you an invoice, if you ignore that we’ll send you a red invoice. If you ignore that we will resort to using Debt Guard Solicitors to recover fees, and we hate doing that, we can count on one hand in 18 years how many times we’ve had to do it, but sadly once in a while we have to.

As well as protecting ourselves financially we are fair to everyone that attends by collecting the final payment from everyone that leaves.

It’s only a month – some gyms are 3 months which is so painful, we’ve been reasonable, so don’t be a fee dodger!