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Welcome to Flair!

“Almost as Awesome as a Unicorn!”

That’s what one of our students (Harper, then aged 4) said when we asked her what she thought of our classes!

Now I think we can all agree that unicorns are pretty awesome and given that Harper has being doing Ballet, Tap & Modern for exactly half her life she clearly know’s what she’s talking about so who are we to argue?!

Like unicorns, we think we’ve got something pretty magical going on and it’s why students such as Harper love it here so much.

Carefully Crafted Curriculum

We want our children to have a great time and love their lessons so have carefully crafted a curriculum that balances the learning of technique with creative expression. Our focus is on fun and on kids being kids.

Regular Rewards

Everyone works through the syllabus at their own pace receiving regular certificates and medals to motivate them and build up their self-confidence. Who doesn’t love a medal? …and better still to receive one for something you love doing! #proudmoments

Exams are an Extra Option

Exams are on offer as separate bookable courses for those who want the formal board certificate, but with almost 2 decades of experience behind us we find that most people just want to come and take classes because they love dancing and don’t want the stress of exams. So it’s there for those who want it, but those who don’t still progress all the same – and still get medals to reward their achievements which are provided for free.

Shine at Showtime!

When we do our annual shows at the theatre we are all about enjoyment. Long after that curtain closes and those steps have been forgotten it’s the memories of the day that will last and last for students so we make sure those are happy ones.

We won’t shout at you if you forget the steps (that’d be very hypocritical as ALL of us have done many times ourselves!), we won’t drill you to perfection because that comes at a cost. Classes should make you smile not cry. #justsaying

Everyone deserves their moment in the spotlight so regardless of how often you get the steps muddled up you still deserve your place in the front row because it feels amazing to be there and we want everyone to experience that – so come show time everyone will get their moment in the front.

We’ll teach you well, we’ll help you practice make sure you’re prepared come show day, then if it all goes wrong on the stage we’ll be there in the wings encouraging you and spurring you on. Don’t sweat the steps, just love the moment!

Find your Flair!

We’ve got so much variety on offer we’re certain there’s something here you’ll love, our trials are free and you can try as many different things as you like until you find your Flair 😊 #cheesybutyougottaloveit!