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A School for All

A School for All

Pasha Kovalev & Flair Performing Arts
On Stage with Strictly's Pasha Kovalev

We are a warm and friendly school who passionately believe that children flourish when they are in a positive and encouraging environment.

With 17 years of experience behind us we know that our studio is a safe space in which a student can try new things, explore ideas, go wrong and forget all the moves along the way to getting better at them without of being shouted at or made to feel silly.

Through regular practice and hard work together we help each individual in our school to reach their potential and support whatever aspirations they may have; be that a career in performance or simply having fun week to week in their lessons. Everyone is important to us and that’s one of the things that’s helped us grow and establish a reputation as ‘A School for All’.

Praise and reward feature highly in our lessons as they motivate and build confidence in our students. We continually assess progress in class as students work towards their next medal; typically achieving three per academic year.

Our opportunities are for all, we don’t audition or just pick ‘the good ones’ and everyone get’s their moment in the front when we stage our Annual Shows at the Hazlitt Theatre every summer.

All of our students over the age of 3 are invited to be a part of the shows if they wish and parents can help backstage if they like.

As well at this fantastic event we are involved in lots of other performances throughout the year. In June 2018 we performed 2 routines with Pasha Kovalev (from BBCs Strictly Come Dancing) in his UK tour and in past years have graced the stages of Her Majestys Theatre, Sadlers Wells and the Royal Albert Hall as well as the Parade and Main Stage at DisneyLand Paris and Port Aventura Barcelona – none of these had troupe selection; if you’re willing, we’re able and our incredible team of teachers will make sure you are happy and confident up on these incredible stages.

Our preschool classes start from 2 years and have won national awards for their creativity and wonderful content. With themes and props, carefully chosen music and movements you’ll be astonished what even the teeniest of our students can achieve.

Our childrens classes are free to try and you can try as many as you like as you find the right class for you. We welcome new members at any time so drop us a message and come and see for yourself what we’re all about.